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Hai guys in the first we meet I will give you tips and tricks how to speak english well. If you want to speak english well like a British you should do the following tips and tricks. Ok let’s see

The first, you should change your mindset. If your mindset said you can’t speak english so until whenever I guarantee you can’t speak english.

The second, you should be confident with your self. Why you should be confident with your self? Because if you do not believe to your self who will believe to you as well. So you should be confident and believe if you can speak english.

The third, is you should add your vocabulary. If you can’t practice the grammar it’s ok but you must enrich your vocabulary

The fourth, is you should practice more. You should practice your speaking because by practicing your tongue can be able to speak english.

Well ok guys those are tips and tricks how to speak english well from me. I hope those can give a benefit for you. See you in the next edition. Bye bye.

Written by: E.R



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