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English Zone :Learn theTrue Pronunciation by 5 This Way!

There is no need to get the spoof of Harry Potter’s speech, although a british accent is indeed some how nicer then my friends. The most important thing about speaking english is a clear pronounce to make it easy to understand. Well, pay attention 5 ways below let our pronunciation more okay!

  1. Slow down speak slowly many feel more cool when speaking in english quickly because it is considered more proficient, but this can make the other person does not catch our speech you know. So, play the speed of speaking so that we focus on speaking the words correctly.
  2. Do yourself. If you are embarrassed to say word in english for fear of wrong, better record yourself first.
  3. “Stress” and “Intonation” speaking in english certainly has it sown into nation and emphasison every word.

For example: when pronouncing. When we give the initial stress, the Preffentis “atthismoment” or “gift”.

  1. Pay atention tongue for paranon-native speaker. there are difficulties when pronouncing “L”, “R”,and “TH”. How: Pronunciation L: The tongue should touch the back of the teeth and the ceiling of the gums. Let’s say theword “light”.

R pronunciation: Remember, the pronunciationis “ar” and the tongue is in the middle of the mouth and does not touch the upper part of the mouth. Try saying “right”.

TH pronunciations: make sure the tongue is slightly out and pushed between the upper and lower teeth. You can say “think” many times topractice it.

  1. Train with someone we can really practice with our friends or friends in fixing each other’s pronunciations. Can help each other record and analyze what there is wrong way of pronunciation.


By: Nurul laili R

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